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05-14-2008 08:15 AM

Basketball Fan

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Shot Clock for Basketball

This is high school not college or the pro's...A shot clock takes the coaching out of the game and makes the  game more individual at the high school level.

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05-21-2008 09:36 PM

Moderator FP: Full-court Press

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To: Basketball Fan

I disagree about a shot clock taking coaching out of the game, however I think it will distingish the real coaches from the non- coaches. Coaches would need to be creative with their sets on the defensive and offensive end, quicker. On the college level, Pat Summit and others don't talk about creating sets for individual play but always stress team concepts and how to create mismatches within a 35 second duration during each possession. On the high school level, we would give each team 45 secs on the shot clock on each possession to slowly transistion the players into adapting their game for the college level. This also forces coaches on creating more and teaching their players more skills, other than teaching stall or play keep away basketball which takes away from a talented player.

Thank you for responding - Basketball Fan

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