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09-28-2014 12:44 AM

Moderator Coach Herb

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Q & A w/2015 Lake Mary Vernisha Andrews (Rollins)

FP: First I would like to congratulate you on your decision to choose Rollins.

VA: Thank you coach

FP: What made you choose Rollins?

VA: Well I chose Rollins because of the environment the campus is beautiful and they basketball program is amazing, as soon as I went to one of there practices I knew that's where I wanted to be I enjoyed the team, and the vibe I felt was indescribable

FP: Always a plus! What other schools did you consider?

VA: I considered Thomas University and Embry Riddle and FIU

FP: What position are you going to play at the school?

VA: As for position Coach Wilkes told me I don't have one so I'm just going to play basketball

FP: What are your expectations for the first year?

VA: My expectations for the first year is to get a decent amount of playing time, play hard and always keep school first

FP: What do you expect to bring to the program?

VA: I expect to bring energy and athleticism to the program

FP: Now that you have your College decision out of the way, what are your goals for the remaining of your high school career?

VA: For the remainder of my high school career I want to take my team as far as God plans for us to go and I want us to grow together and I want to leave my team with something great to remember me by and school wise I want to graduate with honors

FP: Thanks for the interview Vernisha and congratulations again.

VA: Thank you again coach for taking the time to interview me


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