Florida Prospects Final Top 25

Mar 11, 2016

By: Florida Prospects Staff

This year may have been one of the most exciting seasons in recent history for Florida Girls Basketball.  Today Florida Prospects Releases its Final 25 for the basketball season

Girls Basketball TOP 25 Final Poll

#1. Ribault (Jacksonville) (28-1)

#2. Miami Country Day (24-6)

#3. Winter Haven (26-3)

#4. Lake Highland Prep. (Orlando) (29-3)

#5. Florida A&M (Tallahassee) (30-2)

#6. Vero Beach (29-1)

#7. Ft. Myers (27-5)

#8. Boca Raton (29-7)

#9. Flagler Palm Coast (24-2)

#10. Seffner Christian (28-4)

Teams 11-25 can be found on the message boards.  Please visit our website www.floridaprospects.com for more information. Also leave a comment on the best message boards in the state.    www.floridaprospects.com/fpboards   sign up and post for free.


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