Day One Recap For Boys State Finals

Feb 27, 2013

By: Todd Jenkins

Day One Recap For The Boy Finals

1A Semifinals:

West Gadsden 76


Union County 51


High Scorers:

Kendric Bradley 14 (Union County)

Charis Fitzgerald 25 (West Gadsden)


Holmes County 51


Hawthorne 48


High Scorers:

Chris Walker 20 (Holmes County)

Edward Porter 16 (Hawthorne)


Next game Wednesday Holmes County Vs West Gadsden at 4:35pm


2A Semifinals:

North Florida Educational 49


Grandview Prep 63


High Scorers:

Terrell Miller 21 (North Florida Educational)

Ivan Canete 19 (Grandview Prep)


Orlando Christian Prep 86


Westwood Christian 68


High Scorers:

Adonys Henriquez 21 (Orlando Christian Prep)

Armand Shoon 22 (Westwood Christian)


Next Game Wednesday Grandview Prep Vs. Orlando Christian Prep 8:05pm


4A Semifinals:

Lake Highland Prep 65


Ransom Everglades 60


High Scorers:

Joel Berry 26 (Lake Highland Prep)

Khambrel Roach 18 (Ransom Everglades)

East Gadsden 49


St. Andrews 55


High Scorers:

Errick Bethea 18 (East Gadsden)

Marko Radojicic 17 (St. Andrews)


Next Game Thursday St. Andrews Vs. Lake Highland Prep 4:35pm



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