Florida Prospects Top 75 Boys Basketball for 2014

May 21, 2013

By: Florida Prospects Staff

OCP Adonys Henriquez is one of Seven Five Star Players this year.

OCP Adonys Henriquez is one of Seven Five Star Players this year.

With some of the top players in the nation coming from the state of Florida the past few years, the spotlight on Florida Boys Basketball has been shining brighter than ever.  With the rest of the nation starting to realize the talent that the state has, now more than ever the state has
seen a revolving door of college recruiters looking for the next great player.

The Consensus Number One

Since he burst on the scene as a ninth grader, Lake Highland Prep Senior Joel Berry has had the spotlight shined directly on him.  In a state that has produced some of the best guards the nation has seen over the past few years, Berry has the opportunity to be the best of them all.

Five Star Players

The five star player is a player that we feel can come into a program and immediately make an impact at a high level of competition.  Previous Five Star Players includes:  Brandon Knight, Austin Rivers, Kasey Hill, Chris and John Henson.

This year we have seven players who earn the coveted Five Star Status.

Guard Play Leads the State

There is an old saying is that you can find a good guard anywhere in the nation.  While that may be true, many of the top colleges around the nation will all be coming to the state of Florida to find Elite guards who can become difference makers on the next level.

Florida Prospects Top 75 for Boys Basketball for 2014

1. Joel Berry                        6’1       PG             Lake Highland Prep
2. Grayson Allen                  6’3       WG            Providence
3. D’Angelo Russell             6’3       WG            Montverde Academy
4. Boubacar Moungaro        6’7       SF             IMG Academy
5. Brandone Francis            6’5       WG            Arlington Country Day
6. Adonys Henriquez           6’6       WG            Orlando Christian Prep
7. Michael Gilmore              6'8        PF             Tallahassee Rickards
8. Kobe Eubanks                6’5        WG           American Heritage
9. Zachary Johnson            6’1        PG            Miami Norland
10. Lance Tejada                6’0         PG           Blanche Ely
11. Justin Gray                    6’5        WG           Berkeley Prep
12. Dante Buford                 6’7        SF            Arlington Country Day
13. Dimitri Thompson          6'5        WG          Orlando Christian Prep
14. Dan Manzi                     6’8         PF            Tampa Bay Christian
15. BJ Taylor                       6’1         PG            Orlando Boone
16. Chai Baker                     6’4         WG           Malone
17. Jalyn Patterson              6’0         PG            Montverde Academy
18. Richard Lee                   6’3         WG           Blanche Ely
19. Chivarsky Corbett          6’6         WG           Blanche Ely
20. Justin Bibbs                   6’4         WG           Montverde Academy
21. Mitchell Wilbekin            6’5         SF             Orlando Oak Ridge
22. Marquel Willis                6’5         SF             Orlando Oak Ridge
23. Oscar Cabrera               6’5        WG            Faith Baptist
24. Jay Henderson              6’4         WG            Lake Highland Prep
25. Jacoby Boykin              6’5         WG            St. Petersburg Lakewood

To see the complete Rankings with star breakdown please go to



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