All Florida Prospects Wide Receivers


Dwayne Bowe Miami Norland 2003

0 Vote(s) 0%

Andre Caldwell Tampa Jefferson 2002

0 Vote(s) 0%

Anthony Hill Jacksonville First Coast 2003

1 Vote(s) 6.25%

Santonio Holmes Glades Central 2002

2 Vote(s) 12.5%

Aldarius Johnson Miami Northwestern 2008

0 Vote(s) 0%

Greg Matthews Orlando Edgewater 2005

1 Vote(s) 6.25%

Ryan Moore Orlando Dr. Phillips 2001

1 Vote(s) 6.25%

Will Oakley St. Augustine Nease 2004

0 Vote(s) 0%

Dishon Platt Punta Gorda Charlotte 2002

4 Vote(s) 25%

Fred Rouse Tallahassee Lincoln 2005

5 Vote(s) 31.25%

Deonte Thompson Glades Central 2007

0 Vote(s) 0%

Craphonso Thorpe Tallahassee Lincoln 2001

2 Vote(s) 12.5%

Total Votes: 16


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