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05-23-2008 05:12 PM

coachof theyear

let's get this kids in college

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I think one way of stopping it is to be there.  All of us.  There use to be an ole saying "it takes a village to raise a child".  We're going to have to get back in the business of policeing these kids and that's everybody and stop condoning some of the things we know not to be right but we allow them to get away with in our presence because we're thinking "hell he's not my child," and what we don't take into consideration is our child is somewhere doing it to somebody else.  Last night I told a parent some of the things his child was doing at school and he acted as if it couldn't happen.  That is the craziest thing.  We need to as parents, teachers, and friends start holding them accountable, making them aware of their wrongs, and stop allowing them to be so disrespectful to everybody.  That in my opinion is how we at least start to get some sort of handle on it.  One other thing is as for as football and basketball go we need to get more men involved in the children's personal lives.  A lot of these kids are without fathers, and the one thing we as a community have went to sleep on is if there is no one there to teach you something you can't learn it.  I say men step up and be man enough to father someone else's child just because the child needs it.  If you don't get personal with these kids were only placing a bandaid on an issue that needs surgery.  So I say we need to mentor these kids, go by their houses, talk to parents, take them out to eat, hang out with them at your house.  Some kids just don't know.  I believe that when you know better you do better.  Who is going to teach our kids?  We are so let's get to it.

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05-26-2008 09:23 AM

Moderator coach mike speaks

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I agree whole-heartedly with every thing you said in your blog response "coach of the year." I'm also a middle school football coach and our school sits in a war zone between drugs and gangs. We need more male involvement to offset the negative sterotypes our kids see in the neighbor hoods and on TV. Great response and thanks for coming to not only Florida Prospects, but coach Mike's corner..

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