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Florida Prospects.com was established based on the principle that the best athletes in the nation come from the state of Florida.

We started Florida Prospects in an effort to provide up to date information about players, coaches and teams. In this website, we will not only provide stories on current high school players and coaches, but we will also provide inside stories on past high school players as well as coaches and teams.

We provide features such as: Where Are They Now, an update on past Florida legends, Coaching pointers, and Florida Sports Trivia. In this website, Florida prospects provides a forum for our guests to ask discuss their favorite teams, players or coaches. More importantly, we provide a place to showcase all of Florida's talented players to all of colleges around the nation in hope to better promote our athletes.

With all the services and features you will find in this site along with the our helpful staff, FloridaProspects.com will be able to meet our goal in being the most comprehensive sports and recruiting service in America, providing up to date information and bridging the gap between fans, coaches and players.



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