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Showtime Ballers Kickoff

Once again the top players of the South will gather in Orlando Florida for the Showtimes Ballers 7th Annual Kickoff held this weekend at Lyman High School. Read More »
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Farah Mesidor

Farah Mesidor

Girls Basketball

Julian Marx

Julian  Marx

Boys Basketball

Daniella Hatcher

Daniella Hatcher

Girls Basketball

Billy Atterbury

Billy Atterbury


Trevon Walters

Trevon Walters


Tony Jones

Tony Jones


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arrow 2017 Watchlist

1. Dekeriya Patterson

2. Cabria Lee

3. LaDazhia Williams


arrow 2016 Watchlist

1. Jade Lewis

2. Delicia Washington

3. Ashley Saintigene


arrow Top 50 Girls Basketball 2015

1. Jonell Williams

2. Crystal Primm

3. Beatrice Mompremier


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Who Is The Best Boys Basketball Team In The State?


Miami Norland

Montverde Academy

Lake Highland Prep

Pompano Beach Ely

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