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05-28-2008 05:08 PM

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Does Ranking Players Hurt or Help Florida Kids

Read the new blog on Rankings and share your thoughts....

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07-8-2008 02:59 PM


"Preparation Has No Excuse"

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I have to disagree with a comment you made, that ranking gets players exposure. Ranking only provide exposure to the high profile players that rated with four or five stars. One of your highly know on-line analyst stated to me himself, each year they will only rate 25 five star and 25 four star players, eventhough some of those four star players are worthy of being rated as a five star player. And players rated as a four or five star prospect MUST play on a top notch traveling team. If a player's team isn't sponsored by a top shoe company or a known athlete, they at best will receive a three star rating.
 I've been doing this too long not to suggest there's bias when it comes to traveling teams. Living in Northwest Florida Panhandle; central, east, and south Florida does not play much attention in this region when it comes to basketball. Football and baseball that's totally different. What's sad is FSU & FAMU is only two and a half hours away and those schools don;t pay much attention on this end when it comes to basketball.
To say ranking helps a player, again I disagree. If your name hasn't been out there since the seventh grade, it's probably late for most players hoping to play at a high-major D-1 school.

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