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08-30-2012 03:20 PM

Coach Gordon

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Females Hitting the Gridiron

Can a girl with a pony-tail really play quarterback in high school?

Well Erin DiMeglio, does.  She is the third string quarterback for the South Plantation Paladins in Plantation, Florida.  Broward County has had girls play football at several positions in the past such as: lineman, defensive back, and kicker.  But not at a leadership role position which is mentally,emotionally, and physically draining on the body as quarterback as people become interested in this phenomenal athlete.  Erin is mental touch and she commands the huddle during practice.  From what the coaches say about Erin at South Plantation High School, she knows the plays very well and she makes the right throws when she needs to.  Erin is also the starting point guard on the girls basketball she knows what it takes to be a leader.


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