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09-22-2014 08:02 AM

Moderator Coach Herb

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Q & A w/ 2015 Colonial Astaja Tyghter (Georgia St)

FP: First I would like to congratulate you on your decision to choose Georgia St.

AT: thank you.

FP: What made you choose Georgia St?

AT: coaching staff & area.

FP: What other schools did you consider?

AT: south Alabama, Belmont, UHS etc

FP: What position are you going to play at the school?

AT: 3 or 4

FP: Are you glad that you made an early decision to commit early?

AT: yes, I don't see myself going to any other school

FP: What are your expectations for the first year?

AT: to have a good freshman spot & freshman of the year.

FP: Have you decided on a major?

AT: yes nursing or criminal justice

FP: What do you expect to bring to the program?

AT: a good power fwd. & just a good role model

FP: Now that you have your College decision out of the way, what are your goals for the remaining of your high school career?

AT: to get that ring.

FP: I hear that, I believe your team has what it takes, thanks for the interview Astaja and congratulations again.

AT: thanks. your welcome.


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