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02-16-2018 06:58 AM


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Does the JPL need a revamp?

Instead of promotion/relagation per age group, at the end of the season a club table is established from all age groups. This is where the Promotion and relegation occurs. The top club across all age groups in JPL B gets promoted to JPL A, and the bottom club across all ages groups on a club table would move to JPL B. same for JPL B and JPL C.

Question would this put an emphasis on clubs looking to improve their structures as a whole. Where the club have to focus on all ages and teams in order to move to the next level.

Would this help with the blow out scores we are having, and increase the evenness across each league? Would clubs then be forced into working harder with their juniors and not just use them as a cash cow?

And would this increase the loyalty of players and coaches at a club, and look at developing better programs across clubs, and encourage clubs with ambition to get the club as a whole into the top leagues not just a one of team.

The blow out results certainly are damaging a lot of clubs in player retention, and recruitment. The clubs that are doing the right things will be rewarded, and the ones that are falling away will have the opportunity to grow as a CLUB.

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