Bilal Marshall (Quarterback)

Bilal Marshall

Last Updated on: May 20, 2011



Ht: 6-2


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Miami Dade Christian


Miami, FL

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#96 Bilal Marshall, QB, 6 feet 2.5 inches, 190 pounds, Miami-Dade Christian

Measurables: 6 feet 2 inches 190 Pounds

Comparable Talent: Garrard Randle Chaminade Class of 2011

Overall Grade: 20.9

Athleticism: 4.8

Bilal is a spread/option style QB he is extremely athletic and quick. He has good feet although they arenít always under his pads when he throws but we will address that in the Technique segment. His arm strength is marginal.

Field Presence: 4.0

He is a very instinctive open field runner and he feels the rush well for a young QB. Bilal sees the field well when he is running the football, but he doesnít see the entire field when he is passing and he sometimes misses open targets because he takes his eyes off his receivers and starts looking for running lanes, which is common for young QBís.

Potential: 4.5

In a spread option attack Marshall can be a very good QB. In a pro-style offense Randle will struggle. He isnít great on timing patterns but is fairly accurate on the move. Randle is a playmaker with the ball in his hands and will always be a threat to run.
Stature: 4.6

Marshall is tall at 6í2 but slender at 190 pounds so while he wont have any issues finding passing windows his slender build will not serve him well when he carries the ball 15 times a game at the collegiate level (something spread QBís often have to do). He doesnít appear to have the frame to add a significant amount of weight either.

Technique: 3.0

While his throwing motion from the shoulders up is excellent his footwork needs work. He doesnít shift his weight well on his throws and it is because he often throws off of his toes or his back foot.  He always squares his shoulders before he throws the ball which we love, but he also doesnít set his feet often on those same throws.



Athleticism, Throwing on the run, Spread option


Pocket Pressence, Pocket Passing

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