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It's Time For A Shot Clock For High School Basketball

Apr 28, 2008 | Butts Full Court Press


As a high school basketball player, how exciting would it be to have another dimension added to the game, a shot clock.  Wow, a shot clock!


Could you imagine 15 seconds left on the shot clock and 25 seconds remaining on the game clock, with both teams tied at 53?  The team with possession would need to take a shot and could not stall for the final shot.  This situation gives both squads an opportunity to win the game down the stretch, providing excitement for the game.


I am truly in favor of having the shot clock because this will help prepare our high school players for the collegiate level.  It also helps the pace of the game, especially on the girl’s level, to increase scoring.  High school teams would get more possessions, which mean more scoring opportunities, and coaches managing the game carefully. 


Consistency with this rule is very important because if you have a player that move from a state, without a shot clock rule to a state with the rule, that player would need to make a big adjustment to his/her game.  Shot selection, different strategies (depending on the time left on the shot clock), and the mental part of the game plays a factor while on the court.


The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and National Basketball Association (NBA) both have 24-second shot clocks. A 35-second shot clock is implemented for the guys and a 30-second shot clock for the ladies on the collegiate level. On the high school level, there are a few states experimenting with the shot clock rule, however it should be mandatory for all states to use the shot clock.    


Most coaches are against having a shot clock because of the type of athletes or style of play his team possess.  Some coaches are strictly zone coaches who are very conservative and will settle for a low scoring game. Having a shot clock will eliminate “stall ball” strategies and boring games.  


Let’s experiment with the shot clock for a year or two and determine if it will help the high school game or not.