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Talking Sports with Robert


Robert Sumpter

By: Robert Sumpter

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Can the State Get a Fair Game?

The state of ...

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The End of an Era

About two years ago I wrote on a blog about a Golden Era of Boys Basketball talking about some of the top talent in the state has.  In that blog we mention many players including former Gator Basketball player Nick C...

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To Call or Not?

I have always said one of the toughest jobs in the world is a basketball official.  As a basketball official, you have to make judgement calls based off of split second actions.  They are usually the most hated group in the gym.  With that being said, one of the toughest de...

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Does Ranking Players Hurt or Help Florida Kids

I was speaking to an AAU basketball coach who was upset with me when the rankings came out and noticed that a player who plays for his/her particular team held fell in the rankings.

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The New Golden Age of Florida Basketball

Two years ago we did a feature on the top 25 boys basketball players over the last 25 years.  At the time we had a top three of Vince Carter, Chris Corc...

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