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Can the State Get a Fair Game?

Sep 9, 2010 | Talking Sports with Robert


The state of Florida presumed dominance in the sport of Football has always been the calling card for the state in High School Sports.  Unfortunately their has been a trend of late to beat Florida Teams at all costs.

Last Monday’s Dwyer/Glenville game in the Kirk Herbstreit classic was just the latest edition.  For a Florida team to beat an out of state team at their place, not only must the Florida team be better than the team they are playing against, but they have to be three times better.

I recall four years ago when Belle Glades Central went to South Carolina to play against Byrnes High School.  I felt as if I was relieving the scene in Remember the Titans.  Any time Glades Central made a game changing play, their was a flag thrown.  Consequently, Byrnes had four flags in the game and three of the flags came when the game was out of reach.

Monday’s game with Dwyer and Glenville was worse.  Glenville had the “higher” national ranking and on paper should have been the dominant team.  But anyone who watched the game saw a dominant performance by yet another Florida team.  Glenville scores came off of special team plays and a broken tackle.

Even with their backs against the wall Dwyer drove down the field and scored a touchdown on three different occasions.  Just to be dare I say it “cheated” out of an opportunity to win the game.

Yesterday Kirk Herbstreit placed a call to Dwyer’s Head coach to apologize for the outcome of the game.

Already this year, Cocoa, St. Thomas Aquinas, Glades Central, Manatee, Miami Central, Glades Day, and Daytona Beach Mainland has played against some of the top teams in the nation winning most of the games quite handily.

It’s not a question about the state’s dominance but it’s now more of a question if a state team will have an opportunity to win a close game in hostile territory.

I guess that’s the price you pay for being the best.  Every team wants to beat you no matter what’s the cost.