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To Call or Not?

Feb 25, 2010 | Talking Sports with Robert


I have always said one of the toughest jobs in the world is a basketball official.  As a basketball official, you have to make judgement calls based off of split second actions.  They are usually the most hated group in the gym. 

With that being said, one of the toughest decisions an official has to make is to make a call that potentially decides the outcome of a game.

Today I witnessed that.  In the class 3A state finals, Tampa Catholic was beating Orlando Bishop Moore 43-42 with time running out in the game.  Bishop Moore drew up a play to get the ball inside for a potentially winning layup.

The play worked well as Lindsay Silva received the ball and went up for the basket.  Her shot went array but she got the rebound and went up again missing the shot again, but she was able to get the rebound for a third time going up missing again.

To everyone in the building (including me) she was fouled on all three attempts but the officials did not call it.

As a basketball official myself, we all joke around about not having overtime games and letting the players decide the game.  But if they don't call a foul late in the game didn't they just decide the game?

As officials the job is hard but the outcome is could be harder to the kids I know we never want to make the tough calls but that is why we are here.  Making that call is tough but not making the call is a mistake.

Step up and Make the Call