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State of Florida Girls Basketball

Jul 21, 2013 | Cutting the Net with Coach Herb


I believe girls basketball in florida is really gonna pick up even more in high schools this year. Lots of these young ladies are playing on quality AAU teams and are playing against highly competitive teams this summer and it will be paying off this season. It has been evolving for a while now and the rest of the country starting to see florida girls basketball is becoming a force.

Florida is definitely loaded with talent I believe we are the 4th largest state with the most talent far as girls basketball, now it's about keeping them in quality programs, focused on school, working on there game and getting them exposure whenever possible. 

Remember it's what best for the kids not self, a lot of people get it twisted and want all the glory but by doing that in the end are you hurting or helping just a thought!!!

#Be selfless not selfish