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Time To Clean Up The Game!!!

Apr 1, 2015 | Cutting the Net with Coach Herb


Middle school parents do your homework on these HS Coaches and their program before just going to a school just because you hear they are good.  You should actually go checkout games to see how coaches coach and if they are teaching teamwork, skills to help your child get better, and the most important thing their track record of putting kids in college? Do they have a clue about the NCAA protocol and eligibility requirements? Do they know the necessary steps to get in to specific colleges, core classes high school students need for admissions, and do they even interact with college coaches? Lots of these high school coaches have no clue so make sure you do your homework. 


Exposure is also very important make sure if you are serious about going to that next level if you are talented enough go to a high school that at least participates in events that college coaches come to or if you play for a aau/club team find a good exposure squad that is sending kids to college. Do your homework on off season teams as well.  In 2015, there aren't any excuses because the internet has everything you need. Stop listening to everyone else and do your own research because everyone doesn't have good intentions.  Remember that at the end of the day do what's best for your child because despite what others think the ultimate goal is not trophies and championships. These are nice accolades but getting that free scholarship/ education is what you should be striving for.


I've traveled throughout the state a lot this basketball season, and saw lots of good and bad basketball coaches that are helping there players get better, one man teams, teams that have quality players but can't step up due to being held back due to coaches holding them back in fear of losing the player or worrying about what  parents may think. What I mean by that is we have coaches selling their souls because they want to win so there making sure only one player shines, high school politics. I have seen parents bitter and jealous of other kids they don't see how they got scholarships, saying they will not perform when they get to college, I say to that obviously this is why college coaches hold their position: and they make the decisions what's best for there program. As a parent help your child get to a level where a college or several colleges really want them to come to there school free of charge. The bottom line focus on your child do your job and ensure everyone you come in contact with is doing there job. Remember student always comes before athlete!!!


Be careful with these social media outlets, they can also be costly. Make sure you are monitoring what your kids are posting on these things it could cost them that free education. All press ain't good press and as parents there is a lot you can control don't get caught in the hype be a parent.