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What's The Play

Jul 21, 2013 | Cutting the Net with Coach Herb


What has this generation come to? Back in the day we had parents supporting everybody's kids! We had real friends and people that looked out for everyone, if there was someone special in the group, everyone looked out to make sure they made it. What happened to those days? These days everybody is jealous of everyone else and we even have parents trying to sabotage kids and preying on people to hurt them to be on top! What happened to working hard to get on top on your own? What message are we sending to our kids?

I look at high school sports especially basketball and everybody wants to be a star. Why is that? For the fame? The Glory? Or because that is what your parents want you to be? What makes you a great player in any sport? The answer preparation and hard work. Do it because you want to not because your parents or anyone else wants you to. A lot of these kids are playing sports because their parents make them and they really don't want it. Parents these days are trying to live through their kids, but get mad at them or the coach if they aren't getting the playing time they feel their kids should be getting. Some parents send their kids to trainers and a lot of them are just wasting money because in reality they really don't want to do it.

Then you have the parents who think their kids are stars. There is nothing wrong with thinking your kid is a star, to each is own, but what gets me is despite what anybody else thinks, if you feel that way and you feel like your child isn't getting the time or looks you feel they deserve you should put in work. Go get a camera and film your child's game and start networking with college coaches. The process is very simple, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are very easy to use.

Then we have the game which is where the "majority" of the problems comes in. This is where truth shows itself and when those bright lights come on some of those people with all that chatter tend to freeze up. There is a difference from practicing with your peers, playing amongst friends, and even games with limited competition but when it's time to play serious competition do you you step up and handle business or are you the liability that offers nothing when you hit the floor? Are you the one that goes all out and steps up big for your team? Are you the one the team knows that every night they can count on you? If a "key player" is lost can you carry that burden if need be? Is it in you? Only you as an individual know the answer.

In conclusion the bottom line is look in the mirror be honest with yourself, figure out who and what you are and decide who you REALLY want to be. If this isn't for you then be honest with yourself first, talk with your parents and if need be sit them down and make them hear you. Some players really are role players, some players are good and some are great it all comes from the work you put in. But wherever you fit in be the best at it. Everyone isn't built the same. Some are happy just to be on the team! So if that's who you are be the best cheerleader on the bench. Some of these kids have attitudes and don't even know why. Many of them are just trying to put on a front for their parents. As a result, their parents are getting into it with coaches for things they think are wrong. Coaches know the personnel they have on they team, that's why they have practice. Coaches know who can do what and who can't and who they need in the game at a particular time in the game, a coaches job is hard enough without all the outside interference. Parents be parents, your child needs you to be just that after the game, the game is over let them initiate the conversation about the game other than that, just show them love and keep it moving. 

Just stating my opinion as a fan of the game, a parent and Coach!!!

#Be selfless not selfish