2015 Florida Prospects Girls Basketball Pre-Season Rankings

Aug 14, 2013

By: Herb Thomas

Looking ahead to 2013-14 Season here is a look at the Super Talented 2015 Class

Nothing easy about setting these ladies rankings bare with me

Top Of The Crop

We start off with Jonell Williams (Palatka HS), not your ordinary 6'2 PF, Williams is a force out there on the floor, very versatile can pound you inside with an array of post moves or she stay out the paint and shoot the three ball, very good rebounder and defender, quicker than one may think. Also had another huge summer. Williams is being highly recruited by the likes of Stanford, Duke, Louisville, USF, UNC, South Carolina, just to name a few.

Next we have Crystal Primm 5'9, this versatile wing player is very skilled offensively, solid mid-range shooter, very good defender and rebounder, had a solid summer, highly sought after by colleges.

Up next we have Beatrice Montpremier (Miami HS), arguably, one of the best post players in the country standing at 6'5, great defender, when she chooses to and her offense has picked up, Montpremier is being heavily recruited even here UCONN heavy chasing.

Kiara Desamours 5'8 (Dunbar HS), Long, super athletic, quick, fast, constantly attacks the rim with no mercy, Desamours is relentless, she will find a way to score the ball, and is also a great defender & rebounder, though plagued with injuries most of the summer, she still showed why she deserves to be in this top bracket of players. Desamours, already has won a state championship her freshman year, got back to state as a sophomore and lost to eventual champs Ribault, I know getting back a third straight time and winning it is all that's on her mind. Desamours is being recruited by Kentucky, Indiana, Ole Miss, Auburn, Clemson & All the Florida Universities.

Keri Jewitt 5'6 (Dunbar HS), has a go mentality, what I mean is when the ball goes up Jewitt is lightning fast and quick doesn't stop moving til the game is over or she gets subbed out the game, lockdown defender, excellent on the ball defender, a thief if you will, you think you have a break away layup, she will run you down and take your ball and take off and score. Jewitt is fearless, now the offensive side, handles the ball very well, excellent mid range game, unlimited shooting range from distance, and will embarrass you with her dribble drive step-back and shoot game, dribble pull-up, come down stop on a dime and release, and very unselfish, not only does she score at will, you'll notice she'll have lots of assist as well, Jewitt is definitely one of top all around point guards in the state. Jewitt already has won a state championship as a freshman also player of the year last year in her class. I'm sure her Dunbar team will be in contention again this year. Jewitt had a great summer, right now has interest from Tennessee, Louisville, UNC, USF, FSU, just to name a few.

Destinee Walker (Lake Highland Prep) 5'10 do it all guard, deceptive speed and quickness, Walker has a high basketball IQ & unique offensive skill set, shoots the deep ball extremely well, attacks the basket isn't afraid of contact, good defender, decent rebounder, had a solid summer. Walker is being heavily recruited by the likes of Louisville, LSU, Kentucky, South Carolina, USF, FSU, UF to name a few.

Just Short Of The Cut

Astaja Tyghter 5'9 (Colonial HS), looking at this young lady when she steps on the court you wouldn't think much, but when the game is over your finding yourself saying wow! That's what Tyghter brings to the table. This multi-position player listed at 5'8, power & finesse player when needed, is very skilled, high basketball IQ, handles the ball well, can score in a variety of ways inside, out and shoots the three ball well, rebounds well, a very good defender and has all the intangibles. She is very unselfish, the transfer was a big reason for Colonials success last season, helping them reach the state final four, and had a huge summer. Tyghter right now has interest from, UF, Dartmouth, Brown, UNF, Jacksonville, Furman to name a few. Keep watching this one will be special.

Angela Jernigan 5'8 (Edgewater HS), Jernigan crazy athleticism, very talented, on the offense and defensive side of the ball. Jernigan plays passing lanes well, blocks shots, exciting to watch on the break, streaky shooter, once she gets more consistent she will really be dangerous. The recent transfer from Jones to Edgewater gives the Eagles a legit shot to win they third straight title stay tuned.

Kiani Lurry 5'9 (Nava HS), scores in different ways offensively, very good defensive player tough minded young lady with the will to win, already been to a final four twice in her two years lost in the state championship this past season, this could be the year they break through and win it all.

Noise Makers

Emily Lines 6'1, according to coaches this young lady, plays multiple positions, finishes well with both hands, good rebounder and defender, this young lady stock is really rising, had a good summer and already has a college offer. Lines also helped lead her high school team to the elite eight last season so I know she will be looking to capitalize on that this year.

Mckenna Beach 5'6 (Cape Coral), this young lady bounced back from a torn ACL. Beach has quick hands and solid handles, attacks the rim, with a nice floater game, excels in the open court true point guard one of the best in the state.

Ciara Cumbie 5'10 (Wekiva HS), transfer from Dr Phillips, is another long athletic versatile wing, who can do a lot of different things, put the ball on the floor, go down on the block, shoot the three ball, also a solid rebounder & defender a definite upgrade for Wekiva. Cumbie had a solid summer and getting lots of college attention.

Peyton Walker 5'10 (Seffner Christian), excellent all-around scoring threat, quick release, solid mid range and three point shooter, Physical interior & perimeter defender, also very good rebounder, and helped lead her high school squad deep the playoffs. Had a solid summer.

Kate O'neal 5'8 (Freeport HS), this fiery, no non-sense guard just gets it done, solid handles, mid-range,  unlimited three point range, one of the top shooters in Florida hands down, and not afraid to attack the basket and take punishment. O'neal a transfer from Fort Walton Beach to Freeport high will be a key asset this year to whatever it is they do.

Hidden Gems

Ashley Rodriguez 5'10 (Timber Creek), a tough minded wing, really starting to come into her own, finishes at the basket, added the three point shot to her game, really good defender & rebounder, not afraid to mix it up and accepts all challenges, can't teach heart! Rodriguez right now gaining interest from South Alabama, UNF, Georgia Southern, Belmont, and Colgate to name a few.

Leanne Ellis 5'6 (Island Coast), one of the top perimeter shooters we have, floor general, sees the floor well, gets to the rim finishes well, also had a solid summer, and has a college offer.

One Of The Best On Injured Reserve

Chelsea Johnson 5'9 (Colonial HS), is one of the best guards we have in Florida, very quick, fast athletic, unlimited three point range, slasher, mid-range, one of the best offensive and defensive minds you'll see unfortunately her ACL will keep her out this year, but hoping to definitely see her play next year get well kiddo.

The Close Out

The State of Florida Girls Basketball is in good hands, though some parts of the state are loaded with talent, its just a matter of time before the rest catch up, just gotta put in the work, demand greatness for yourselves, no one can do this for you but you.

Just because your name isn't up shining as high as others right now, doesn't mean you aren't being watched, but maybe this will be the motivation that inspires you.

                              Florida Prospects Girls Basketball 2015 Top 50


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