Day One Of The State Finals 2016

Feb 24, 2016

By: Todd Jenkins

1A State Semifinals

Hamilton County  53

Chipley  56


Top Scorers:

Michael Whetstone  17Pts (Hamilton County)

Trent Forest 36Pts (Chipley)


Bell  50

Paxton  63


Top Scorers:

Reese Rankin  14Pts(Bell)

Zack Varnum  24Pts(Paxton)


Next Game 1A State Final Chipley Vs Paxton Wed. 5pm


2A State Semifinals

Bradenton Christian  61

Tallahassee FAMU  44


Top Scorers:

Ryan Leunk  23Pts(Bradenton Christian)

D Zavier Harris (FAMU)


Grandview Prep (Boca Raton)  62

Orlando Christian Prep  54


Top Scorers:

Juwan Frazier 24Pts(Grandview)

Damon Harge 20Pts(Orlando)


Next Game: 2A State Final- Bradenton Christian Vs Grandview Prep On Wed. At 8pm


3A State Semifinals

Westminster Academy(Ft Lauderdale)  68

First Academy(Orlando)  58


Top Scorers:

Paul Atkinson 25pts(Westminster)

Chaundee Brown Jr. 23Pts(First Academy)


Archbishop Carroll(Miami)  61

Windermere Prep  80


Top Scorers:

Silva Christian 17Pts(Archbishop)

Parker Davis 25Pts(Windermere)


Next Game: 3A State Final Westmister Academy Vs Widermere Prep At 5pm Thursday


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